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Inspired by a passion for computers and art, Mike Bodily began his pursuit for CAD design. During his schooling for architecture, Mike fell in love with the 3D environment and Design aspect along with the advancements in computer graphic capabilities. This passion for creating believable scenes and the more artistic side of design led Mike to pursue a career in Animation as a 3D Modeler. The ability to create models, sculpt digitally and bring the imagination to life through animation became more and more appealing.


After graduating with honors from Los Positas College, Mike began his studies at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At Academy of Art University, Mike was Student Representative for BFA students in Animation and VFX for 2019 and 2020 school years, and achieved the Presidents Honor Roll upon graduation in Fall of 2020.

Using his knowledge of 3D software and with his animation and architectural background, Mike began work in Vis-Dev for sets and environments used in architectural previsualization as well as with game engines to create V.R. experiences, while finishing school. Mike is looking to apply his experiences to animation in games, film and TV.

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